Green Cat Agrotourism Farm, would like to present to you various workshops offered by Creative Academy available at our Farm.

Creative Academy at Green Cat Agrotourism Farm

The aim of the Creative Academy workshops is to encoruage abstract out of the box thinking, whilst perfecing group working and presentation skills. The schedule of particlaur workshops can be tailored individually depend on the chosen workshops.

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From 1 to 4 nights From 4 nights onwards
4 bed room 220zł/per day 160zł/per day
3 bed room 180zł/per day 140zł/per day
2 bed room 140zł/per day 100zł/per day
1 bed room 100zł/per day 80zł/per day

Organised groups are welcome, as are families.
We offer:

  • 2, 3 and 4 bed en suite rooms (total of 22 beds)
  • Large open plan kitchen and dining area for self catering
  • Use of large workshop area (free for organised groups over 12 people)

Please note workshop participation requires advanced booking.

Drama Workshops

The participants of the workshops will work on the basis of their experience with nature and any other experiene, to perform an improvised sketch. Under the guidance of the workshop leader you will be encourgaed to expand on your ideas and creativity to grow your interpretation of the theme. Using Augusto Boala’s games and excercises the participants divide into groups and they build their own scenario for the workshop. The participants then identify themselves with the imaginatory figures and act out a short drama.

Theraputic Workshops

The aim of these workhops is to provide a theraputic experince through the use of soft materials, whilst developing concentration and patience. These skills are honed by the actions of kneeding, rolling and sewing of soft material.


We have perfected 6 different types of theraputic workshops

  • Sewing – making teddy bears and puppets
  • Baking cookies
  • Painting and decorating theatrical props and scenery
  • Painting ceramics – paiting cups
  • Workshops in clay
  • Making salt dough figurines

Hydrobioligical Workshop

In the Hydrobioligical workshop you will assess both the chemical and physical state of water. Participants will take samples from a variety of water eg: lake, river and check it for clarity. Participants will then discuss the differences in water from the different sources. This workshops can be weather dependant, however we work to the doctrine that there is no bad weather for a worshop – it’s just the unsuitable clothing.

Workshop types

Teddy bear making – up to 2 hrs workshop using your sewing and stuffing skills as well as designing and making teddy bear’s outfit. Cost per person 20zł.

Puppet making – up to 2 hrs workshop – participants can create a fairytale puppet of their choice made out of sock and other materials. Cost per person 20zł.

Stage set worksop – up to 2 hrs workhop – working in small groups on the stage set for a puppet show. Cost per person 18zł.

Theatre workshops – up to 4 hrs workshop – participants will work on presentation skills. Cost per person 18zł.

Ceramic workshops – up to 2 hrs workshop creating individual pieces. Cost per person 25zł.

Salt dough sculptruring – workshops up to 2 hrs. Cost per person 15zł.

Every day design – designing and painting your own tea/coffee mug – workshop up to 2 hrs. Cost per person 25zł.

Baking – making and baking oat cookies – workshop up to 2 hrs. Cost per person 12zł.

Science and Nature – a walk around the river Wda and Skrzynki Duze lake where the participants get to know and test different sources and properties of water – lake water, river waer, rain water etc. Workshop up to 3 hours. Cost per person 12zł.

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