Green Cat Agrotourism Farm, would like to present to you various workshops offered by Creative Academy available at our Farm.

Creative Academy at Green Cat Agrotourism Farm

The aim of the Creative Academy workshops is to encoruage abstract out of the box thinking, whilst perfecing group working and presentation skills. The schedule of particlaur workshops can be tailored individually depend on the chosen workshops.

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From 1 to 3  nights From 4 nights onwards
4 bed room 300zł/per day 260zł/per day
3 bed room 240zł/per day 210zł/per day
2 bed room 180zł/per day 150zł/per day
1 bed room 120zł/per day 100zł/per day


Please note workshop participation requires advanced booking.

This price list is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art.66
par.1 of the Civil Code.
We reserve the right to change the prices quoted.

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The participants of the workshops will work on the basis of their experience with nature and any other experiene, to perform an improvised sketch. Under the guidance of the workshop leader you will be encourgaed to expand on your ideas and creativity to grow your interpretation of the theme.

Theraputic Workshops

The aim of these workhops is to provide a theraputic experince through the use of soft materials, whilst developing concentration and patience. These skills are honed by the actions of kneeding, rolling and sewing of soft material.

We have perfected several different types of therapeutic workshops

  • Sewing – making teddy bears
  • Ceramic painting – cups for painting
  • Workshops in clay
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Participants of the workshop, based on their own experience with nature and classes at school, proceed to the implementation of ceramic workshops. These workshops create a space for participants to think creatively, experiment with form and texture.

Workshop types

Teddy bear making – workshop using your sewing and stuffing skills as well as designing and making teddy bear’s outfit.
Time of classes up to 1 hours 30 min. Price 220 PLN (group of up to 4 people), each additional person 60 PLN

Ceramic workshops

Option A Making own products in clay – bowl, cup, small objects and decorating them with stamps, patterns. The price includes: conducting classes under the supervision of an instructor, necessary tool and materials, two ceramic firings, glazing with transparent glaze by the instructor. Duration of classes up to 1h 30 min. Price 440 PLN (group up to 4 people), each additional person 120 PLN

Option B Painting angobami or ceramic pastels with ready-made biscuits, glazing. The price includes the preparation of biscuits, conducting painting and glazing classes under the supervision of an instructor, the necessary materials and tools, firing ceramics.
Duration of classes up to 1h 30 min. Price 340 PLN (group up to 4 people), each additional person 90 PLN

Design every day – designing and making a pattern of your own ceramic mug. The price includes conducting classes under the supervision of an instructor, materials and tools necessary to conduct classes and baking a cup. Cups ready the next day
Duration of classes up to 1h 30 min. Price 220 PLN (group up to 4 people), each additional person 60 PLN

Classes are conducted after prior arrangement of the date and time and with a minimum of 3 people. The organizer of the classes is the Republika Marzeń foundation.

Applications and inquiries to the instructor at phone number 605045544 – Joanna Sawicka

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